Distribution Management Leverages Technology to Hit Targets

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On-Demand Labor Marketplace Allows Companies to Deliver on Promises ST. LOUIS, MO, November 7, 2023 – Distribution Management is in the business of delivering packages within 1-2 days to 99% of the U.S., matching the lead times set by ecommerce giants like Amazon. Like other companies in the logistics industry, Distribution Management experiences spikes in […]

Is your ecommerce fulfillment partner ready for peak season? We are.

It’s October, so we’re up to our ears in holiday planning already because, if there’s one thing we can all agree on, peak season pressure is NO joke. Order accuracy and shipping are extremely important to customers, especially during this upcoming critical time of the year. You need a fulfillment partner that knows what they’re […]

What to look for in your NEXT fulfillment partner

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Finding a good ecommerce fulfillment partner is like buying your first house. You don’t know what you don’t know until you live in it awhile…and eventually you see the flaws or outgrow the space. Here are 7 key areas to evaluate when deciding if you should stay or go: Reliability Reliability is always an important […]

Multichannel Drop-Ship Fulfillment

6 Challenges Manufacturers Can Overcome by Partnering with an Experienced National Fulfillment Provider Manufacturers were built for bulk which worked well in the days of traditional manufacturer-to-retailer relationships, but thanks to the pandemic, the trend toward direct-ship fulfillment was quickly solidified. Retailers and marketplaces expect suppliers to successfully ship directly to the end customer and […]

GUEST BLOG: Build a Successful Omnichannel Strategy Using Automation and Fulfillment Solutions

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In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive e-commerce landscape, having a solid omnichannel strategy is crucial for success. By selling on multiple channels, brands can reach a wider audience, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive more sales.  However, with the addition of new sales channels, the complexity of managing them all increases. This is where automation […]

Are We A Good Fit?

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4 key areas to help you decide if Distribution Management is the right fulfillment partner for you.  We receive inquiries daily from merchants and manufacturers looking for fulfillment services. And, while we’re excited about new opportunities, our goal is to earn business that creates a win-win partnership. Think of it like filling a job position. You post […]

GUEST BLOG: How Retailers Can Create a Customer-First Return Experience

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By Kari Polson | Sr. Marketing Manager, Deck Commerce This holiday season was one for the record books. Even with retailers expanding their deep discount windows (some starting as early as October), traditional holiday retail sales (Nov 1- Dec 24) grew 7.6% year over year. And with that boost in sales, comes the inevitable next […]

More than Pick, Pack, Ship

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Walk through one of our fulfillment centers and you’ll see a clean facility with orders flowing in on monitors, team members working QC stations, robots maneuvering from one shelf to another and conveyors shuffling boxes down the line to awaiting trucks. What you WON’T be able to see is how much effort is going into not only […]

How a CEO’s Wife’s Shopping Habits Became a Fulfillment Company

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A delivery here, a delivery there. It was becoming a daily routine to step over the boxes being delivered to my front porch. With an active family, a wife, 2 daughters and a few dogs, there’s always a “need” for something — new shoes for school, dance attire, a new dog bed for Daisey or […]