Is your ecommerce fulfillment partner ready for peak season? We are.

It’s October, so we’re up to our ears in holiday planning already because, if there’s one thing we can all agree on, peak season pressure is NO joke. Order accuracy and shipping are extremely important to customers, especially during this upcoming critical time of the year. You need a fulfillment partner that knows what they’re doing and can handle the extra volume, otherwise your reputation and bottom line will take a hit.

56% of all abandoned carts are shipping related.* Don’t lose last-minute sales!

Costs and speed associated with shipping logistics need to be clear and up-front. Today, those 2 components alone are becoming more crucial in the eyes of the customer, especially as you publish your deliver-by datestoward the end of the holiday buying season. Capturing those late orders can be a real difference maker toward success. Now is a good time to talk to your 3PL about supply chain optimization capabilities.

Amazon Trucking­ – Quick and efficient reach to Amazon customers.

Does your omnichannel strategy include selling on Amazon? If so, is your fulfillment provider integrated within Amazon’s Trucking carrier matrix? Providers offering this service can get your shipments into the Amazon-owned shipping stream faster by sending truckloads direct to Amazon redistribution centers where they are then routed to Amazon air and ground shipping fleets. Your customers will receive real-time tracking and fast, efficient delivery. If Amazon is a key channel, this should be a key point of interest for you.

Regional Carriers – Are you getting the benefits of a blended carrier strategy?

As mentioned earlier, speed to customer is critical for ecommerce success. We all know that major carriers such as UPS and FedEx have struggled to keep pace, especially during peak season. There are numerous regional carriers that can help fill gaps and ensure the fast delivery your customers expect and offer the same real-time order tracking and delivery information when integrated with your ecommerce fulfillment partner. All combined, these carriers cover roughly 85% or more of the U.S. population and can offer a significant advantage, especially in major metro areas when the national carriers get overwhelmed. And, they can often do so at a lower cost.

This peak season, streamline the customer experience by partnering with a fulfillment center that has multiple locations, advanced inventory management and strategies that are affordable and efficient in reaching your customers.

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*The State of Shipping Report, 2022