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For over 50 years, Distribution Management has been perfecting the art of order fulfillment and inventory management.

boxes moving on massive conveyors used for order fulfillment services
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Our mission

Starting first as a wholesale print supplies distributor, drop-shipping ink and toner on behalf of our reseller clients and later entering the 3rd party fulfillment space, providing omni-channel order fulfillment to manufacturers and merchants.

Clients on both sides of our business have unique needs, but at the core they are the same — fast, efficient and accurate order fulfillment that upholds their reputation with their customers.

That’s what we do.

Our Founder

Tom Fleming

Tom Fleming, founder of Distribution Management, spent five years of his career selling typewriters for IBM in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. From this experience, he recognized the demand for replacement ribbons and in 1972, All-state Business Machines (ABM) was born as a reseller of typewriter ribbons. With the help of a growing group of entrepreneurial-minded people, Tom went on to build what is today a national distribution and fulfillment organization operating in 6 locations under a loyal, tenured leadership team. 

Our history


ABM founded as typewriter ribbon reseller

ABM Logo

ABM federal launched

female hand pushing numbers on a fax machine

Supplies Network launched and was awarded Lexmark Tier 1 Distributor Contract

  • Awarded HP Tier 1 Distributor Contract
  • Survived "great flood" - HQ under 9ft of water!
lines of code on a laptop

Began development of custom operating warehouse management system

scanning a barcode on a box

Expanded Northeast region reach with new distribution center in Pennsylvania

DM corporate building

Moved into new corporate headquarters

Skyline with sky scrapers

Expanded Southern region reach with new distribution center in Texas

image of a skyline
  • mpsSELECT® Services & Solutions strategy launched
  • Expanded Western region reach with new distribution center in California

ABM Federal sold

scanning a barcode on a box

DM Fulfillment Services launched

warehouse with conveyors
  • Acquisition of Premier Distribution Management adds Foreign Trade Zone
  • Supplies Network expands hardware position with addition of Lexmark BSD authorization
Zebra barcode printer prints a label

Expansion into thermal & 3D supplies

Businessmen press button on the panel of photocopier or printer for printout, scanning, xerox documents papers at office workplace

Supplies Network expands hardware position with HP equipment authorization

warehouse with fulfillment robots

Opened new Northeast Distribution Center in Carlisle, PA featuring robotics and the latest technology

3 robots in a row holding boxes

Opened new Southwest and Midwest Distribution Centers in Dallas, TX, and St. Louis, MO, featuring robotics technology and bringing total warehouse space well over 1.2 million sq. ft.

DM 50 years of excellence logo

Celebrated our 50th year in business and rebranded Supplies Network and DM Fulfillment Services under our parent company name. One team. One goal.

Celebrating 50 years

One Team.
One Goal.

Today, both divisions of our company are branded as Distribution Management

We believe we are stronger as one team with one goal — to serve our colleagues, clients and community with integrity and grit.

Watch part 2 here.

Our Values

Taking care of our clients and their customers is key to our mission. After all, their business is our business.


We value hard work and we’re a hard-working bunch. Our customers relate to this, and they recognize and appreciate it. This work ethic is a great source of pride for us, and we reward hard work within our company. That said, we’re not afraid to relax a little and have fun when it’s appropriate. We also advocate a work/life balance. We work hard, but we play hard after the work is done.


Distribution excellence is our passion. We love what we do. We love building relationships. We love solving problems and providing solutions. Our #1 mission is to deliver an exceptional experience to our partners and their customers.


Many companies show a different face to customers than they do within their corporate culture. Our ethic is grounded in a belief that every decision we make is not in honor of a bottom line—but in honor of ourselves, our values and the people we serve. It boils down to one simple thought—“What’s the right thing to do?”


Perseverance, resilience and determination to fulfill on our promises and commitments is true grit. We believe grit is what drives us to seek excellence in every facet of our business and is key to our pursuit of delivering an exceptional experience to our customers, partners and our own team.

Our Culture

We care for each other, our community, our clients and our business. It’s at the core of everything we do.

Caring for
our Clients

Taking care of our clients AND their customers is key to our mission. After all, their business is our business.

Caring for
Each Other

We believe in encouraging each other and supporting the professional growth and personal well-being of the members of our team and their families. Success to us reaches far beyond numbers on a financial statement.

Giving Back

We care about our community. Helping those that are less fortunate is central to our values and our desire to do greater good.

Work Hard
Play Hard

Good things happen when you work hard. Our teams work hard in pursuit of mutual success. However, work-life balance is critical for overall well-being. We expect hard work, but we also expect our employees to play hard and enjoy life’s journey.

“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.” -Maya Angelou

Our commitment to our community

Charitable programs are a big part of our culture and we thrive on challenging ourselves to help those in need.

DM is proud to support:
“A company that takes care of its employees will develop employees that take care of their customers.”
Sean Fleming

Happy Employees
Happy Customers

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