Distribution Management Leverages Technology to Hit Targets

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On-Demand Labor Marketplace Allows Companies to Deliver on Promises

ST. LOUIS, MO, November 7, 2023 – Distribution Management is in the business of delivering packages within 1-2 days to 99% of the U.S., matching the lead times set by ecommerce giants like Amazon. Like other companies in the logistics industry, Distribution Management experiences spikes in demand, operational bottlenecks, and employee callouts, so how can they deliver on these next-day deliveries? They are able to overcome these challenges and beat their competition, in part, because they are using on-demand labor found through Veryable’s tech-enabled Marketplace.

“Distribution Management has made significant investments in technology to support our same-day fulfillment strategy,” said Alex McCoy, Supply Chain Director at Distribution Management. “Coupled with Veryable’s on-demand Marketplace, it allows us to solve for real-time capacity gaps that support our 99.98% on-time SLA.”

This Marketplace helps workers and businesses get connected for mutually beneficial results. Anyone who downloads the app and passes their background check can bid on different Ops, or opportunities, and receive daily pay when they’re available and willing to work. For warehousing and manufacturing companies, Veryable coaches them on how to eliminate operational bottlenecks that may be solved by improving labor practices. It’s a win-win proposition for both businesses and individuals.

“Based on the nature of our industry, and our same-day SLA constraints, we need the ability to attract people real time to solve for capacity gaps and still deliver for our customers,” McCoy continued.

Distribution Management leverages several types of technology, including Veryable, to help navigate typical industry bottlenecks to deliver on the promises made to their customers. Instead of complaining about missing targets or paying unnecessary expenses because of these common challenges, they’re applying solutions to what they can control and meeting their SLAs. The operational landscape is changing quickly, and companies like Distribution Management are maintaining their place at the forefront of these developments to stay ahead of competition.

About Distribution Management

For more than 50 years, Distribution Management has been perfecting the art of order fulfillment and inventory management. The company strives to deliver fast, efficient, and accurate order fulfillment that upholds their reputation with their customers. Their desire for operational efficiency combined with their passion to deliver for their customers results in a name synonymous with high performance.

About Veryable

Founded in 2016, Veryable is an on-demand labor marketplace with a mission to revitalize American manufacturing. The company empowers businesses to adapt in real-time to changes in the supply chain and scale while maintaining lower fixed labor costs. With its flexible, operational approach, Veryable aims to transform an antiquated and inefficient labor market, put more people to work, and relieve the burdens on manufacturers and suppliers, stimulating both national productivity and organic growth.


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