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Omni-Channel Fulfillment Services

Overcome Logistics Challenges with Distribution Management

Today’s omni-channel world provides endless opportunity. But, the logistics challenges can be overwhelming. Our advanced drop-ship capabilities provide same-day order processing for all your direct-to-consumer and marketplace orders along with value-add services that enhance your brand.

Direct-to-Consumer Drop Shipping

Retailers and marketplaces expect suppliers to successfully ship directly to the end customer and meet various metrics. At DM, we help you overcome the challenges of managing direct-to-consumer business.

Online Retail Fulfillment

DM is equipped to support your omnichannel strategy with our fulfillment marketing capabilities, improving your online customers’ experience and adapting to the higher preference for e-commerce shopping. 

In-Store Retail Fulfillment

Ensure a positive customer experience with our seamless, efficient solution for retailers. By leveraging our advanced distribution network, we empower businesses to fulfill orders directly from their physical stores to reduce shipping times and costs.

Amazon and Marketplace Expertise

At DM, we partner directly with various platforms and marketplaces, including Amazon Seller Central. Our Amazon expertise means your product will meet critical Amazon compliance standards, ensuring your product is received in the best possible timeframe.

E-Commerce and Marketplace Integration

We are connected with one of the most comprehensive lists of industry-leading integration providers to simplify integration. We can consume CSV, pipe and tab-delimited and XML data files via FTP, and you can also connect to our APIs via web service.

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Value Added


Our goal is to faithfully represent your brand in every shipment. We’ve dedicated time and resources to ensuring we’re delivering a positive customer experience on your behalf.

  • In-Box Marketing – Add customized, branded marketing flyers that are delivered with your products. The DM marketing team will work with you to create the perfect marketing message to create a unique print-on-demand SKU to encourage repeat business from your customers.
  • Reverse Logistics – Let us take the pain out of managing returns with a solution tailored to what works best for your business. With our Reverse Logistics service, you also receive standard reports for proactive notification when a return comes to our facility and when it’s ready to resell.
  • FBA Prompt Prep – We are your reliable, expedient prep service for Amazon FBA-dedicated bulk inventory. With a national distribution footprint, we can reach most FBA destinations in as little as 1-2 days. Plus, you get total peace of mind with excellent quality control and unique packaging solutions.
  • Fulfillment PLUS – The Fulfillment PLUS program allows fulfillment customers to reap the benefits of marketplaces without the headaches through a hybrid operational approach at point-of-sale that allows ONE inventory feed to ALL channels.
  • Virtual Bundles – DM’s Virtual Bundling capabilities allow you to go live immediately with an unlimited number of bundles of an unlimited number of SKUs while ensuring precise inventory tracking at the individual item level for accurate inventory assessments.
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Distribution Network

Our national distribution network reaches 99% of the U.S. population within 1-2 days via ground delivery* and some international locations in as few as 3-5 days.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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Staying on the Leading Edge of


Our highly automated fulfillment centers are equipped with the latest in RF scanning, quality control, and 6 Rivers Systems robotic technology. Our fulfillment teams work collaboratively with all available technology to deliver a seamless, simplified experience to our clients and a 5-star fulfillment experience to their customers.

Fulfillment Center Virtual Tours

We enjoy hosting tours and demonstrating the capabilities of our fulfillment centers, including all of the technologies and processes that help us achieve industry-leading order accuracy and speed to market.

We realize an in-person visit may be difficult these days, so we’ve compiled a few videos that summarize the attention to detail and great care we put into managing our customers’ products and orders.

Fulfill Orders Confidently with Distribution Management

For over 50 years, we’ve been perfecting order fulfillment and inventory management. We understand that our clients have unique needs, but ensure all of our fulfillment services are performed efficiently and accurately to uphold their reputations with their customers. Our mission is to take care of our clients and their customers because their business is our business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Fulfillment Services?

Fulfillment services encompass a range of logistical and operational tasks designed to streamline the order fulfillment process for businesses. From inventory storage and order processing to packing and shipping, our Fulfillment Services are tailored to meet your unique business needs for efficient, accurate delivery of your products to customers.

Opting for fulfillment services offers several key advantages. First, it allows your business to focus on core activities while we expertly handle the intricacies of order processing, packing, and shipping. Secondly, utilizing a fulfillment service often results in faster order turnaround times, improved accuracy, and reduced shipping costs that ultimately contribute to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

While proximity can be a factor in some cases, it’s not always a necessity. Our fulfillment centers are strategically located to optimize shipping times and costs, and our network of distribution centers ensure your products reach customers promptly, whether they’re nearby or across the country. This centralized approach enables cost-effective, efficient order fulfillment on a broader scale. 

Warehousing primarily involves storing goods in a facility, whereas a fulfillment center goes beyond storage. In a fulfillment center, the focus extends to the entire order fulfillment process, including receiving, processing, picking, packing, and shipping orders. Fulfillment centers are designed to efficiently handle these comprehensive tasks for a seamless flow from product arrival to timely delivery, making them a more comprehensive solution for businesses looking to optimize their supply chain and customer fulfillment processes.

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