Value Added Services

Enhancing your

Our goal is to faithfully represent your brand in every shipment. We’ve dedicated time and resources to ensuring we’re delivering a positive customer experience on your behalf.

Elevated Unboxing

The unboxing experience is an important touchpoint! Whether it’s custom packaging or an on-demand flyer promoting a new product using our Instant Inserts program, we want your to brand shine!

Virtual Bundles

Your Competitive Advantage

DM’s Virtual Bundling capabilities allow you to immediately go live with an unlimited number of bundles made up of an unlimited number of SKUs, all while systematically managing your inventory at the item level for accurate inventory reporting. We eliminate the need to physically pre-bundle products, streamlining inbound order flow, order reporting and inventory management.

  • Increase order size
  • Improve profitability
  • Expand product mix
  • Introduce loyal customers to new products
  • Promote unique SKUs/ASINs
illustration depicting virtual bundling examples and options from Distribution Management

Reverse Logistics

We’ll take the pain out of managing returns. Whether you opt for Just-In-Time return labels at the request of your customers or choose to include a Return Service Tag in every outbound shipment, we’ll implement a solution that works best for your business. Reverse Logistics services include our standard reports so you are proactively notified when a return comes back to our facility and when it is ready to resell.

Need a reliable and expedient prep service for your Amazon FBA shipments?
Prompt Prep

FBA Prompt Prep

Simplify your supply chain by utilizing one inventory to feed all channels — including your FBA bulk orders. Our Amazon expertise ensures your shipments will meet critical Amazon compliance standards and delivery speeds.

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Fulfillment PLUS

We utilize a hybrid operational approach at the point-of-sale that allows ONE inventory to feed ALL channels — DTC, ecommerce marketplaces and other digital platforms.