Fulfillment PLUS

Consolidated fulfillment and marketplace expertise to streamline your business.

The Challenge:
One of the biggest roadblocks to success as an omni-channel merchant is managing business across multiple ecommerce marketplaces. Each one has its own rules and regulations, fee structures and warehouse locations which requires expertise and overhead to keep up with it all. It’s a complete resource drain, and in the end, are you even making a profit?

We’re here to help.
Introducing Fulfillment PLUS, a program that allows our fulfillment customers to reap the benefits of marketplaces without the headaches. We utilize a hybrid operational approach at the point-of-sale that allows ONE inventory to feed ALL channels — DTC, ecommerce marketplaces and other digital platforms.

Allow DM to handle customer service inquiries, item content and listings, inventory management and ALL fulfillment for ALL your channels. You’ll be amazed how much time you’ll have to focus on growing your business.

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