Work Smarter, Not Harder with Predictive Analytics

Work Smarter, Not Harder with Predictive Analytics

Seeing a low toner warning is like seeing your gas light come on. What a pain! Your customers see the low toner warning and have every intention of ordering more supplies, but work gets in the way – looming deadlines, meetings, projects, etc.

By the time they remember, it’s too late. They’re out of toner. Important business materials need to get printed, leaving your customer at a crossroad. Should they place an expensive overnight rush order or do they put their faith in brick and mortar, fingers crossed it’s in stock? These may be quick fixes, but they’re not a solution. So what is?

Our Supplies Management System within our mpsSELECT™ suite of services is a hands-free solution delivering the right supply, at the right time, every time. Our predictive analytics-based solution takes the guess work out of your customers’ already busy day so they never run out of supplies or have excess inventory laying around.

We make it easy.

1. We’ll install our proprietary Data Collection Software at your customers’ sites, which will begin
collecting supply levels.

2. After installation, our exclusive algorithms will analyze and determine exactly when a supply is needed based on the number of days of toner remaining, rather than the percentage of toner left.

A high volume doctor’s office with 10% toner left in their device will need supplies replenishment much faster than a small home office with 10% left in their device, who print very little on a day-to-day basis. Even though their toner remaining is the same, their usage rates are poles apart. Sending toner prematurely causes excess inventory and capital and also poses a risk for theft; however, not receiving supplies soon enough causes total business disruption.

We realize the importance of getting this right. Our proven algorithms calculate actual meter rates configuring device usage over a period time and data comprised of page coverage, toner remaining, cartridge yields, etc. Since the device is essentially ordering the supplies itself based on these algorithms, your customer gets the right supply, at the right time, every time.

3. We’re taking things one step further with our Supply Routing Labels – no more wondering which department the supply goes to or which printer it’s for. We can ship each consumable with a yellow supply routing label to assist the end-user with delivery of supplies, ensuring the right delivery to the right user and device.

Take the burden off your customers and simplify their supplies replenishment process. Our award-winning MPS program is a proven solution to stay one-step ahead, making life simpler and business run smoother. Sit back and let us take it from here. We’ve got this.