What Can Your DM Advisors Do for You?

Have you called your DM Advisors lately?

Equipment and MPS Solutions Advisors are subject matter experts focused on simplifying your sourcing strategy and offering solutions. We’ve put together a quick list of ways your advisors can support your printing and imaging hardware business. Whether you’re just getting started in hardware or you already have a solid customer base, these advisors are focused on simplifying your sourcing strategy and offering solutions. Here’s how they can help:

  • Make the most of manufacturer programs. Manufacturers put a lot of time and energy into structuring rebate programs and incentives to earn your business. Our Equipment Advisors are very knowledgeable of these programs and work directly with our Product Marketing team and the manufacturers to find the best fit for you and your customers.
  • Identify upgrade opportunities. If you’re a current mpsSELECT partner, your MPS Advisor has access to reports and manufacturer tools to help identify devices in need of an upgrade and recommend ideal replacement devices.
  • Offer advice on speeds, feeds and features. Your customers lean on you for product expertise, but sometimes it helps to get a second opinion. Our advisors are 100% focused on supporting your imaging business. Whether the environment is under our MPS program or you’re working on a transactional deal, your advisors can offer advice on the best devices and features to fit the end-user.
  • Assist with National Printer Installation services. If you’re currently limited to smaller installs or locations within your regional area, our advisors and solutions team can partner with you to offer national installation services with our reputable network of technicians. We’ll coordinate all the details on your behalf.
  • Help you sell MPS. One of the biggest challenges in building a successful MPS program is being able to effectively sell the concept and minimize customer apprehension. If you feel your sales team could use an MPS refresher or tips & tricks to close a sale, just ask. Your MPS Advisor will even jump on a call with you and your customer.

We realize selling equipment and MPS requires a higher level of engagement. Think of your Distribution Management Equipment and MPS Solutions Advisors as an extension of your sales team in supporting your imaging business.