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Thermal & barcoding products are used in nearly every major industry and are typically part of mission-critical operations. We’ve partnered with top manufacturers to expand our portfolio and offer new revenue opportunities to our reseller partners.

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Zebra Certified Supplies Are Exceptionally Consistent and Consistently Exceptional

Zebra Technologies is a leader in thermal solutions for healthcare, retail, hospitality and industrial applications. Zebra designs, produces and rigorously pretests their line of thermal printing supplies to ensure consistent, optimized performance and readability in Zebra devices. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you are offering your customers the very best in thermal technology.

Interested in offering automated supply replenishment on Zebra products?

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Enhanced Fleet Visibility for Select Zebra Printers.
  • Discover Zebra printer refresh opportunities
  • Propose hardware standardization & optimization
  • Auto-replenishment of barcode supplies
  • Preventative print head alerts/replenishment
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Epson ColorWorks® desktop/benchtop printers allow your customers to produce commercial prime and industrial-grade labels affordably, on-demand and in-house. Eliminate storage costs, waste of unused stock and paying for minimum runs that are too big for the project. Your customers can print only what is needed and pivot faster to follow trends.

Take Control of Label Costs

Convert the traditional two-step print method of ordering pre-printed stock and then adding variable data in-house to a one-step method of printing on-demand color labels. Eliminate storage costs, waste of unused stock, and paying for minimum runs that are too big for your needs.

Improve Business Agility

Your business has to be agile to keep up with emerging trends. On-demand color label printing helps you pivot faster, whether it’s modernizing a logo, adding product images for more efficient warehousing, or incorporating social media cues to optimize the customer experience.

To get started, download & complete the Epson Authorized ColorWorks® Reseller Application.

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TSC printers

TSC Printronix Auto ID is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative thermal label printing solutions. Founded in 1991, the company owns and operates ISO certified production facilities and has offices all over the world.

  • One of the largest selections of barcode label printing solutions in the industry.
  • Mobile, desktop, and industrial printers, RFID printers, integrated barcode label inspection systems, print engines, printer management software, labels, and ribbons.
  • Complete your printing solution with TSC Printronix Auto ID branded labels.

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