Looking for a New Edge? Thermal May be Your Answer

zebra barcode printer

Looking for a new edge? Thermal & barcoding products may be your answer.

You’re meeting your customers’ print and imaging needs, but what about thermal and barcoding needs? Nearly every major industry uses this technology, and you could be missing out on a HUGE opportunity to expand your business.

If you have customers in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing and industrial operations, they are likely already using thermal and barcoding printers and supplies.

By partnering with the experts in this type of printing technology, you can become the go-to person your customers need when navigating the hundreds of thermal ribbon options and supply formulations.

Let’s start with your current customer base…

  1. Research pays off. Reach out to your current customers and learn as much as you can about the thermal and barcoding devices that play a role within their working environment. Also, find out if your contact is responsible for those devices or if there is a different decision-maker you should speak with.
  1. What are their pain points? Operational hiccups related to thermal and barcoding devices can cause major headaches and disruptions because they are generally tied to mission-critical elements of the business…so, this is a big deal to your customers. Take the time to listen and understand their everyday struggles so you can offer the best working solution.
  • Are they constantly replacing print heads?
  • Does label adhesive get built up in their printers?
  • Do the labels fade causing scannability issues?
  • Are the labels not adhering properly?
  • Can you help streamline procurement with auto replenishment?
  1. Offer a solution with confidence. We’ve got your back on this one. We partner with Zebra and other leaders in the thermal industry, we have subject matter experts to guide you and we’re just as interested as you are in growing your business and finding new opportunities.

Let’s talk about thermal and barcoding. We can help you through the process and give you the competitive edge with your current customers and beyond.