Our Values


We supply trust is more than a tagline. We believe in delivering value, reliability and an exceptional experience.
Taking care of our clients AND their customers is key to our mission. After all, their business is our business.

Below are the core values our brand is built upon.


Many companies show a different face to customers than they do within their corporate culture. Our ethic is grounded in a belief that every decision we make is not in honor of a bottom line—but in honor of ourselves, our values and the people we serve. It boils down to one simple thought—“What’s the right thing to do?”

Work Ethic

We value hard work and we’re a hard-working bunch. Our customers relate to this, and they recognize and appreciate it. This work ethic is a great source of pride for us, and we reward hard work within our company. That said, we’re not afraid to relax a little and have fun when it’s appropriate. We also advocate a work/life balance. We work hard, but we play hard after
the work is done.


Distribution excellence is our passion. We love what we do. We love building relationships. We love solving problems and providing solutions. Our #1 mission is to deliver an exceptional experience to our partners and their customers.


Perseverance, resilience and determination to fulfill on our promises and commitments is true grit. We believe grit is what drives us to seek excellence in every facet of our business and is key to our pursuit of delivering an exceptional experience to our customers, partners and our own team.