Sales Support is NOT...

  • A chair in a call center answering an endless stream of calls from angry customers.
  • Just responsible for taking orders.
  • A customer service job.
  • Slow, simple, or boring.

Sales Support IS...

  • Supporting designated sales people owning a specific collection of customers by carrying out customer service and other transactions quickly and effectively.
  • Providing the most positive customer experience in the industry and utilizing cross-selling and up selling when possible to drive gross profit.
  • Delivering rapid problem resolutions and thorough follow up to dealers.
  • A critical team member involved in building market share.

Welcome to Supplies Network...

Supplies Network/DMI is the nation’s largest privately-held wholesale distributor of computer and imaging supplies. Located in St. Charles, Missouri in the beautiful Missouri Research Park at Hwy.'s 40 and 94, we represent big names that you’re familiar with such as Hewlett Packard (HP), Xerox, and Lexmark... just to name a few.

We have achieved consistent growth over the years as a result of market share gains and growth in IT consumables consumption. We employee approximately 170 employees and operate four distribution centers nationwide.

As one of St. Louis’ Top Five Mid-sized Employers, we are a fast paced, employee focused environment offering unique perks such as weekly volleyball games, Demoball (ask about this one!), social events and barbeques, community involvement, and health, life, and retirement benefits.

You ARE...

  • Emphatically customer oriented.
  • Educated.
  • An assertive communicator.
  • A quick problem solver.
  • Professionally focused, optimistic, and resilient.
  • Selflessly supportive of the team.

The opportunity IS here...

Apply at Supply Trust with SN. Please also include a brief description of a challenging experience with a customer including the challenge, what you did to remedy it, and the end result as part of your resume submission. Our system can only accept one document upload, so please be sure to include it as part of your resume.